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You’ve been tricked

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You’ve been tricked!

You’ve been manipulated!

You’ve been bamboozled!

Got your attention? Good 🙂

Imagine a silent war, based on information and knowledge. This war has been waged for millennia, and the rich and powerful have always had the upper hand. The knowledge is used to control the masses by fear and misinformation.

This has always been the way, and always will be. And today it’s easier than ever. People can read and write. Information is freely accessible online. Everyone has an opinion.

So when it comes to “positive” information, things like the law of attraction, motivational quotes, memes and inspirational pictures, they can also be used by those in power to spread misinformation and false stuff to keep the truth suppressed.

One such picture comes to mind, the cartoon of two prisoners painting, one paints a picture of his bars, the other paints the picture beyond the bars. The idea is that the prisoner painting the picture beyond is better.

But is he? He is living a life of illusion. Not paying attention to the bars means he doesn’t want to break free of them. The prisoner focusing on the bars is more likely to escape as he is aware of his own reality.

And that’s how it is with us all. If we have an illusion of freedom, of being able to manifest anything we want, then we fail to see our own prisons, made of limiting beliefs and thoughts. If we cannot see them, then we cannot get past them and they will rule out lives, hence why so many people do not succeed and do not live the life they deserve.

It’s good to have hope, and dreams, but unless you recognise the reality of your life, you’ll never change it.

NB this is based upon my own opinion and my own work only, if your want to continue with positive thinking then carry on, but if you want to delve deeper, then get in touch.


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