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The five point star of success.

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What’s holding you back?

There are five fears that prevent you having the life you desire.

Imagine a laser, and 5 mirrors angled reflecting the beam to create a star. If these mirrors are left uncovered, the success will shine.

But you have five shrouds.

These represent Fear.

Fear of Loss. Are you scared to lose something you hold value over?

Fear of Gain. Are you prepared to accept whatever gains come from success, and do you feel you deserve it?

Fear of Judgement. Do you fear being judged by others? This is one of the most common.

Fear of Success. Are you ready and prepared for the changes that success will bring, or do you feel that if you succeed something will go wrong?

Fear of Failure. Are you scared to put your all in in case it doesn’t work?

If one or more of these shrouds are used on the mirrors, they stop the beam, the star doesn’t form, and failure will happen.

So what’s holding you back?

Ask yourself these questions.

“What will happen if I succeed?”

“What won’t happen if I succeed?”

“What will happen if I don’t succeed?”

“What won’t happen if I don’t succeed?”

If you need help to figure out and eliminate the fear, to uncover that mirror, and burn the offending shroud, then get in touch.


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