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Sanotherapy is the therapeutic element of the Sanomentology Program. The word Sano has a few different meanings, healthy, to restore, to make whole, to repair, and this is what the therapy does.

It gets to the roots of your issues to resolve them effectively, whilst minimising the amount of dredging up of memories and experiences from the past.

We use a variety of skills, from mediating with the mind to our unique Dream Architecture, adapted to suit you and your needs. This gives your own mind the freedom, trust, and guidance.

For many Sanotherapy has been a last resort, and the common response is "I wish I'd come to you first!"

Like the guy who spent over €30k on treatments for severe trigeminal nerve pain caused by MS, including gamma knife surgery, brain surgery, and more. He had only temporary success with every procedure. Then, 4 years ago he finally came to us, we worked with a translator over a video call, and he has been pain free ever since.

Or the guy who had been housebound with a split disc, and could barely walk. Doctors had given up all hope, as had he. After just one short Sanotherapy session he was out walking his dog, going to football matches, and holidaying abroad.

Most people think our success stories are too good to be true, and as a result, they continue to suffer, suffer from pain, anxiety, addictions, or even just being stuck in life, but those who decide to take the chance, they find a whole new life ahead of them.

So, if you are serious about wanting to make a positive change in your life, then suspend your skepticism, get in touch, and let us show you the real power behind the Sanotherapy program.

Don't make us your last resort, make us your first and last!

What can Sanotherapy help with?

One of the beauties of Sanotherapy is that it works with your issue, not against it.

It's a bit like martial arts. Using the opponent's strength against them. The more of their strength the attacker is using to push forward in the attack the less they will have left to resist what you are doing to them.

Likewise with the mind. The more energy that is applied to an issue, for example pain, addiction, PTSD, anxiety etc, the less they have to resist the actual solution.

If, in the session, the therapist goes on the attack, fighting against the problem, denying it's presence, or trying to remove it against its will, as is often the case in many therapies, then the roots and core beliefs that have created the issue will be stronger to fight, making the work harder.

But using the issue, accepting it's existence, and using its power to turn it around and resolve it will be almost irresistible. Rather than pitting your own will against your clients to override their beliefs, you turn their own belief inward, and use it's own energy against it.

Using these techniques as taught in the Sanotherapy program, you can do in a few sessions what may take months in standard therapy.

Sanotherapy has shown itself to be extremely effective in treating

  • Chronic Pain and Illness
  • PTSD
  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Phobias and Fears
  • Weight Management
  • Substance and Process Addictions
  • Eating Disorders and more

Sanotherapy can also be used to help more general issues that may hold a person back, guiding to answers to problems, helping build confidence, and finding a way forward in life.







Sanotherapy is the therapeutic element of the Sanomentology Program. It is a highly effective set of processes suitable for virtually any issue, such as Chronic Pain, Anxiety, PTSD, Addictions and more.


Sanomentology takes the understanding of the mind and our responses to the world around us to the next level. Incorporating the therapy side into a deeper level allows us to reach our full potential.


Working with the idea of a Post Materialistic Mind, This style of psychotherapy goes to a much deeper level, with the idea of manipulating the world around us and changing our reality..