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Post Materialistic Psychotherapy

What do we mean by Post Materialistic Psychotherapy?

Before we can answer that, we need to look at the idea of Consciousness.

There are two elements to consciousness, intricately linked but differing in their states and properties. They exist both together and apart in a quantum partnership.

Firstly we have The Existential Consciousness.

This is the simplest of the two, however there is nothing simple about it. It resides within the smallest units or quanta of energy itself and comes together within our physical selves with the sole purpose of keeping us alive. This would be the consciousness that assesses thoughts, memories, beliefs, and the like, and is the most prominent element of consciousness in most people. All things that exist on the physical plane possess this form of consciousness as described in Base 12 Architecture, however, how it communicates with the other form of consciousness will dictate its power and affluence.


Existential Consciousness resides solely within a physical form. It spans the lower levels or planes, influencing only the Conscious Mind or Physical Plane, and the Unconscious Mind or Mental Plane. Its effects are communicated across the higher planes however.

The Existential Consciousness runs entirely on programs that are created over time. Rather like a computer, it requires external input to create these programs, it does not create them itself. The sources of external input can be the Conscious mind, other people, the environment, and the Laminal Consciousness. This part of Consciousness is responsible for how we react to the world around us.

Then we have The Laminal Consciousness.

This is the Consciousness that exists across all planes and realms. It encompasses all elements of a person’s being, past present and future, in all possibilities and probabilities. It is the part responsible for guiding us, leading us, creating us and our reality, and where all thoughts and ideas are accessed. It will provide cues to the Existential Consciousness to help us survive and is made up of separate elements.

The level of conscious influence upon the physical form is controlled/throttled by the Existential Consciousness by use of Belief and Intent.

Laminal Consciousness resides outside of the physical form as a Post Materialistic Mind.


What is the Post Materialistic Mind?

Since the 17th century it has been presumed that consciousness is a by-product of the matter of the brain. However, this does not explain the scope of human experience and emotion.


When undergoing testing, people have reported higher states of awareness and consciousness while the sensors report little or no brain activity. Near Death Experiences, the Placebo effect and other phenomena also dispute the idea of the brain being the root of consciousness.

I think of the brain as the equivalent of a router in a computer network. It allows the consciousness to route signals to all parts of the body, whilst not actually residing within the brain.

So where is consciousness?

That’s like asking where is the internet?

My view is that Laminal Consciousness is pure energy that resides across all the dimensions. It works at the quantum level and is more powerful than we could ever even understand. The brain limits the potential by use of the Existential Consciousness just like a router can prevent signals from certain source and can throttle the inflow of information. The more you expand your Existential Consciousness by eliminating limiting beliefs, the more you will allow information in. The more “narrow minded” you become, the more the information is limited.

The more expanded the Existential Consciousness becomes, the more “broad minded” you become, the more information can enter our awareness and we find formerly unexpressed abilities and ideas suddenly emerging. If a person can successfully reap the benefits of this process, that person could be referred to as a genius or prodigy. The more that is allowed through and accepted or acted upon, the wider the Existential Consciousness expands, more ideas or skills will manifest.


Sanotherapy is the therapeutic element of the Sanomentology Program. It is a highly effective set of processes suitable for virtually any issue, such as Chronic Pain, Anxiety, PTSD, Addictions and more.


Sanomentology takes the understanding of the mind and our responses to the world around us to the next level. Incorporating the therapy side into a deeper level allows us to reach our full potential.


Working with the idea of a Post Materialistic Mind, This style of psychotherapy goes to a much deeper level, with the idea of manipulating the world around us and changing our reality..