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Personal Services


If you want an interesting, friendly, and confident guest on your TV or Radio show, then look no further. I am open to discussions on anything on the listings below, plus knowledgeable and capable of discussions on many more subjects. Whether you are looking for a one-off special, or a regular guest or host, then get in touch.


Looking for someone to present an interesting and enlightening presentation at your event, or even just someone to speak and introduce your own presentation, then look no further. Catering to a variety of events and audiences, I may be able to help. Get in touch.

Retreat Host

Want to host a retreat anywhere in the world? I am able to present and deliver at hosted retreats focused on both Healing and Therapy, and Magic and Wizardry. If you are thinking about hosting a retreat, then let's talk and see what we can offer your delegates.


As with the TV and Radio, I am available for podcasts to discuss a huge variety of subjects including and not limited to the ones below.

If you would like to interview me or have an in-depth and entertaining discussion on your podcast, then reach out.

Guest Speaker/Speech Maker

Whether you want to fill a small time slot or need someone to speak for a longer period at your event, and you like any of the subjects below, then I may be able to provide just what you need for your social or corporate event. Get in touch with your requirements.

Event Guest/+1

If you need an interesting guest or even a +1 for any social or business event, then look no further. With an ability to fit into almost any social situation, I can be both fun and serious as the situation demands. If you'd want a guest or a +1 with a bit more about him, then get in touch with your needs.

Potential specialist topics for presentation or discussion

Magic and Wizardry

-The 7 Hermetic Laws.

-Learning the secrets of the universe.

-Consciousness and the root of creation.

-Plants, animals, nature, and how they impact our consciousness.

-Higher levels.

-Concept of heaven and hell.

-Why are we here?

-Why the Secret doesn't work.

-Relationships, personal and business.

-The workings of the consciousness continuum.

-Can we change reality? And how?

-Post materialism, beyond the ideology and dogma of academia.

-The folly of Plato's cave.

-Ancient civilizations and modern magic.

-The goal is not oneness with all, but to rise above all.

Sanomentology - Healing and Therapy

-Chronic Pain.

-Addiction Anxiety/depression/stress.

-The power of the dream.


-Fear and phobias.

-Weight management.

-Belief and confidence.

-Love and fear.

-Imposter syndrome.

-Programming and deprogramming.

-Importance of napping.

-Importance of the client/therapist relationship and how to prevent burnout.

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