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Not parlour tricks, not sleight of hand, or messing with cards.
Science has been locked in an ideology since the 17th century, relying mostly on ideas of materialism and reductionism, trying to explain the workings of the world with what can be seen or measured with instruments that are as limited as the adopted ideas.
But science has no explanation of consciousness, emotions, metaphysical phenomena, or a whole range of other occurrences in our universe. Its own academically self-imposed limits prevent the acceptance or acknowledgment of these very things we experience and live with on a daily basis.
Go beyond the measurable, cross into the realms of magic, defined as science that's not yet accepted, and suddenly all of these unexplained phenomena can be explained easily, opening a whole new world of possibilities.
This isn't just wild, off-the-cuff ideas. It's carefully researched, analysed, and tested theories that all show correlation to real-world experiences. And using these ideas, everything unexplainable can be explained, and once understood can be used to manipulate the world around you.
Why does the law of attraction not always work or seem sporadic when it does?
Why is achieving oneness with the universe not the best idea?
Why do two positive thinkers potentially ruin each other?
Can we change the past?
These are just a few of the questions easily answered within the Magic and Wizardry program at The International Academy of Magic and Wizardry
And for those more interested in the standard magic, we will also be exploring the worlds of astrology, numerology, sacred geometry, tarot, witchcraft, voodoo, and much more, all with a deeper understanding of the (non-academia) science behind it.
This is truly an ambitious and powerful program that will open the world of magic to anyone who seeks it. It's not just aimed at those interested in wizardry, but anyone that wants to get a boost in life, anyone who wants to get a true advantage in life, and anyone who has a truly inquisitive mind who want answers.
It will increase your ability to help yourself and others in ways you'd never imagine, to have a better life, or at least understand it, and to view the world around you in a different light.
This is BIG.
And you have a chance to be part of it.
We still have a few places for founding members to join us, to become part of a revolutionary institution that has the potential to change the world. Founding members will have access to all training, development, and membership areas for life, saving thousands on future training.
Are you in?
Comment below with "I'm in" and we can set up a call to discuss further, or get you signed up as part of the team of founding members.