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Sanotherapy is the therapeutic element of the Sanomentology Program. It is a highly effective set of processes suitable for virtually any issue, such as Chronic Pain, Anxiety, PTSD, Addictions and more.


Sanomentology takes the understanding of the mind and our responses to the world around us to the next level. incorporating the therapy into a deeper level allows us to reach our full potential.


Working with the idea of a Post Materialistic Mind, This style of psychotherapy goes to a much deeper level, with the idea of manipulating the world around us and changing our reality..

What people say about it

This is simply the best and most comprehensive training programme I have ever enrolled on!
To think I've wasted so much time and money on numerous courses and programmes and modalities and now all I really use in my practice is everything Martin has taught me.
I hardly have to use anything else!
Save yourself the time and money and learn from my mistakes.
the best part is, there is a fantastic group of people supporting each other all the time plus you'll have full access to anything you've ever learned in this lifetime membership!
You've got nothing to lose!

Ghitta Basson

It's a fantastic course! Martin is very knowledgeable and is excellent at explaining the theory behind the programme. Being able to experience all the protocols during the training is fantastic as it means we can work through our personal issues and have a beter understanding of how our clients experience the sessions. We also practice with the other therapists, which is helpful.
I've made some lovely friendships with members of the team and everyone is so kind and supportive.  Sanomentology has helped me grow personally and it's one of the main therapies I work with as it's quicker and more effective than the other modalities I've trained in.

Kirsty Strange

I trained with Martin over 2 years ago to qualify as a Sanomentologist.
The training was excellent, well balanced, informative and most effective of all, was that you got to experience the programmes you were to deliver.
Experiencing these programmes, cleared physical and emotional pain after a very recent and painful divorce and starting out in business again. I gained clarity, motivation and the knowledge that what I was about to share with clients was one of the most powerful healing tools I have ever experienced.
I have worked with clients with addiction, PTSD, Physical pains such as migraine, emotional anxieties, eating disorders and phobias with incredible success.
All I can say is experience this! Call one of us!

Kevin Porter

As someone who benefitted hugely from receiving therapy, No exaggeration. I very quickly decided to make the leap into training with Martin and the team. This was one of the greatest decisions I've made.
Training was informative and well placed, even before restrictions the online offering was well above par and the team are second to none for friendliness and support.
Whether you're a practising professional or a budding therapist, there is something new to learn, and a wealth of support both with the protocols and socially.
In very little time I had progressed from traditional therapy within the voluntary sector to stepping out on my own and bringing in my own clients, and made some fantastic friends within the team along the way.
If Sanomentology were a restaurant I'd already have my favourite dish, would be bringing all my business clients and would definitely be on first name terms with all the kitchen crew. Five out of Five. Will be back!
It isn't though. It's a specific set of skills. A set of skills you acquire over a unique training structure. A set of skills that make you a nightmare for issues like pain, phobias, trauma, addictions....

Curt Maybury