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Chronic Pain and Poverty

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What you might not know about chronic pain…

You’d have to be living under a rock if you hadn’t noticed that the cost of living is significantly on the increase. And if you’re not new to me, you’ll also know my opinions on the coercion and control of the powers that be.

There has always been division in society – orchestrated by the upper echelons and it doesn’t look like the gaps between the upper and working classes are being bridged any time soon.

What is interesting though is how this manifests not just in our lives, but in our bodies too.

A U.S study shared in a medical journal found that chronic pain is increasing in the U.S but moreso with people closer to the poverty level…

“The researchers found an increasing disparity in who experiences pain. People whose household income was four times the poverty level saw a 14% increase in the risk of experiencing chronic pain. However, those whose income was only twice the poverty level saw a 42% increase”

So – if I get this right – people with money experience pain less than those who don’t?

I could go off on a rant how wrong this is and that people’s basic needs aren’t even being met.

Or that all people should have access to healthcare that resolves chronic pain issues.

Or that if you understand chronic pain, you’ll know that it’s the term for pain existing when the original injury has GONE or has no medical reason to exist.

It’s the body’s reaction to stored physical and mental memories.

But I won’t rant about any of that or how misunderstood it all is.

What I will do is highlight that we have a fantastic team here releasing people from the shackles of chronic pain with our Rapid Pain Elimination therapy – we work with the mind to help it let go of the attachment to the pain.

It’s exactly what it says on the tin – rapid! Real people are coming to us after trying numerous other methods, sometimes for decades.

If you’d like more information on how we can help you rapidly eliminate your chronic pain in as little as 1-5 sessions, get in touch.

THIS is how you put healing within reach of everyone not just the more affluent.

Many of our practicing therapists started out seeking help for their own pain, and had such profound results they chose to learn the methods themselves.…/more-and-more-us…


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