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About Us

Our Vision

The vision for The MacRothery Group has two parts.

Firstly, we aim to provide the fastest, safest, and most effective therapeutic service in the world. The protocols are designed in a way to allow the client’s own unconscious mind to assess the problem or issue and to use its own programming to resolve it.

The majority of the protocols are extremely content-free, thus allowing the Unconscious Mind to resolve the root of the problem rather than the surface level. Its key task is to keep the client safe, so will therefore create its own metaphors and analogies to replace serious traumatic memories, reducing the risk of the trauma-based memories causing further distress.

Delegates will experience the processes and protocols themselves, allowing them to deal with personal issues that may hold them back from being the best they can be.

Because we give the Unconscious Mind that freedom to perform and do what it does best, results with Sanomentology can be achieved in a fraction of the time that other therapies may take.

As we expand our global team, we aim for the therapy to be one that everyone turns to with confidence and trust when they suffer mental health issues. As best of all, it's all available via Zoom or other video calling platforms.

The Team

The second part of the vision is the team.

As someone who has always been self-employed, I understand the trials of being a lone therapist.  The mission of the Sanomentology program is to provide a team working environment similar to that of a large company, whilst still giving the freedom of self-employment.

The team is friendly, and supportive, and all work with the same goals. Any issues or problems, personal or professional can all be addressed in with the team. Personal growth and development can be achieved with the trading of sessions between team members helping everyone to work toward their full potential.

Looking for a new challenge?

Whether you are already a therapist, or would like to become one, our training is suitable for you all. It will give you the tools and knowledge to work with clients with any issues.
You'll also get ongoing support and repeat training to keep you up to date and refreshed.
We have been featured with a variety of TV and media outlets globally, and teach some unique and powerful processes not covered anywhere else.
No prior experience needed, and all training is via zoom. This will be the best decision you'll ever make. Don't miss out, get in touch today.